Sunday, September 7, 2014


Well, my cycle has finally rolled around again after the IUI. Back story....we did our first IUI in August. We had 3 beautiful follicles, my husband's sample was awesome too, but no baby. I didn't end up getting a good period after the IUI, but no cysts so that was good. I was given the option to go ahead and start the femara again (to grow follicles) or take a rest cycle because my uterus lining was thick and even if everything did happen as it should the baby might not implant into a thick uterus. We decided to ask the doctor if we could go ahead a take provera to give me a good period right then and there, the opposite would have been to wait 35 days then take the provera and wait another 2-3 weeks to get a period, and we didn't want to waste time. We figured pregnancy has never happened on our own yet, so taking the rest cycle really wouldn't help us get to our goal, and make me irritated having to wait for a period that wouldn't come.

So, yesterday my period started a whole week earlier than I thought it would, so that is good news. I will call my doctors office tomorrow to make sure we are on track to start another cycle of the medication.

Here is hoping and praying for a great cycle!

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  1. Wishing you so much luck with this new cycle!