Sunday, September 28, 2014

Half way through my 2WW!

We have just under one week until we will find out if our 2nd IUI worked or not. Last time I thought and felt so much happening and thought that is was me getting pregnant, not so much the case though. This time I didn't have any cramping or anything, and have felt nothing so far, so I am hoping the change means good things.

I have been able to keep much busier this time around as I am back at work. I teach 8th grade, all subjects to 24 students. We keep extremely busy, when I am not with them I am planning for them. I have been trying to get to my planning during the week so that I can have my weekend to myself and my husband, so I can clean, and rest up for a new week. I haven't even had much time to think about the what ifs and if a twinge was implantation. :)

I have given thought to, and have for sometime, if my husband and I would ever "come out" about our infertility. Right now, less than 10 know about our struggles. We told my Mother in law first at about 8 months when my sister in law became pregnant with her third, at the time she was not concerned, but now is becoming more aware of our struggle and how hard it is. Next, I told my sister and cousin, for support and because my cousin went through it. Then we told my sister and brother in law at a year, they have been supportive. Other than that just our bosses know due to appointments. I am a passionate person and love to support things I have a strong belief in, so I would want to become involved in support of bringing knowledge to those who don't know or understand infertility.

Sometimes I wish those who we were close with would ask us about it, how it was going, etc. It seems like we always have to bring it up, and sometimes it would be nice to be asked how we are doing. Though, I know people probably don't do that because they don't want to hurt us. So, it is a double edged sword.

I started this blog as a way of keeping track of everything, so I have a record for the future. I don't publish it to social media, or share with those I know. I hope that one day perhaps I will be able to share it though, so others know the many prayers, thought, and hope went into bringing home our little one....when that happens, however that happens.

I know I probably have a ton of errors written here, too tired to edit though, and for tonight, I just wanted to get my thoughts down. Hopefully in a week we will have wonderful news!

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