Saturday, April 12, 2014

A Plan

After the heartache of last week and learning that we would have to go to a fertility specialist I immediately got into action to make sure that would happen later in the week. I was delighted to find out that we could go in for an initial consultation at the end of this week. It also worked out well because I am on spring break from school and my husband could take a half day from work.

Throughout my week off I kept busy doing some cleaning around the house, organizing masses of items that should have been put away long ago, crafting, seeing people I hadn't seen in a while, getting my teeth cleaning, and getting a cavity filled. All in all I would say it was a pretty good week and that I got quite a few things accomplished.

Our consultation was on Friday, so that was Friday's business. I was so nervous going into the appointment. I had an idea of what it would be like, I even knew questions I would be asked, but their is nothing more stressful than the possibility of seeing your future hopes dashed that would make your blood pressure increase by more than 30 from its original.

When we got to the fertility center we sat in the small waiting room and completed yet more paper work, then we had what was about a 5 minute wait before being called to the back. They started with taking my vital signs (I wondered why they didn't take my husbands since it takes two to make a baby) and then after we were seated in a consultation room where our medical histories were taken yet again (I thought didn't I already write this down on a piece of paper for them? Also, why is mine more in depth than my husband's medical information?). After our medical history were taken the medical assistant told us that the doctor would be in within a few minutes to meet with us.

My husband and I were left to sit for the next 30 minutes. Throughout that time we wondered what the doctor would come in and say. We joked that the doctor probably got lost or decided to take an early lunch, or that they forgot about us. I was getting slightly irritated because on the center's website they boasted about how they respected patient time and did well with keeping appointment times. My husband politely reminded me that they were probably making a baby somewhere and that I should be patient, well said husband.

When the doctor came in she was very quiet and dainty! This is not something I would expect from a specialist doctor. At least give me a good handshake! She was quick and to the point, no socializing or getting to know each other with her! She listened briefly to my menstrual history and then looked at my husbands test results. We questioned my previous doctors office because they said his results were lower than they should be. She said that while they looked okay they could run another test in their lab to make sure because they had a strict criteria, so we did that. Along with his retest she also ordered a bunch of blood work for me, which we were able to get done that day, and they all came back good. Then the plan came.

The next month when I started my menses I would go on a pill called Femara to help me to ovulate. After my menses and the pills I would have a test ran with dye to make sure my Fallopian tubes are clear. Then, on the 12/13 day of my cycle I would have an ultrasound done to check follicle size and it they would be big enough and mature enough to be released. Once they are of good size and quality I will take a shot (HCG) that will make my egg(s) release and help to increase the days of my luteal phase. Hopefully 2 weeks after the shot I will be able to know that I have a precious miracle growing inside me.

We are optimistic about this plan of action. If for some reason my husbands retest comes back low they we will move to an IUI (inter-uterine insemination) after the shot to increase odds that everything would meet together as it should.

We are so hoping that this is the Lord's will for us. I am hoping/praying for either a successful cycle right now on our own or that it wouldn't be a 35 plus day cycle so that we can continue with our treatment sooner than later.  


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