Saturday, April 19, 2014


These weeks since our fertility consultation are going to go super slow! It is so hard to wait for something that you want more than anything else in the world. 

We had our consultation on CD 14 which for any normal person should be only two weeks before the next cycle begins. For me though my cycle varies and is 35 plus days. Today is CD 22 so I probably have at least another 12 days to go before my next cycle even starts. In the meantime this month I have been doing more testing to see if and when my body would do anything normal on its own that might make it so I might become pregnant. 

In other news, my husband's second test came back normal. We give praise for these results. My gynecologist referred was to a fertility specialist saying my husband's tests were low, we were confused because his doctor and our research showed it was okay. So, to have another test come back normal, especially being even more scrutinized by a specialist this gives us confidence in the plan from here on out.

As I visited with a baby cousin today and anticipate the birth of another niece or nephew I yearn to hold a precious gift of my own. 


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