Saturday, March 15, 2014

A little about us!

K and I are like any other "young" couple. We have the everyday everything that we have in common and is "us" as a couple. We also have those things that set us apart and keep it interesting. We like to keep busy doing some of our favorite things as we also work through our careers.

Me: I am a teacher. This is my fourth year teaching. I teach in an urban public school. I have been able to teach all different age levels. My first year I taught 6th grade, the next was 2nd grade, last year was kindergarten, and this year 8th grade. Every year I can feel myself becoming a teacher through and through.
I spent a lot of my time grading papers and writing lesson plans. When I am not busy with school I enjoy many activities which include: Cheering on MSU, jewelry making, cake decorating, sewing, baking, watching my shows, and spending time with family which includes the best niece and nephew an aunt could hope for.

K: During the day he works in a food plant that makes frozen food (like mac n cheese, lasagna, entries, etc. He does industrial refrigeration...and he is pretty good at it! When he is not working, helping me with cleaning, or doing something for me he enjoys all things Game of Thrones, reading, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Video games, U of M, and movies.

US: Together some of our favorite things include: watching our shows, our U of M/Michigan State rivalry, Tiger's Baseball, hockey, spending time with our niece and nephew, going to church, shopping, and so much more.

Here are a few of our favorite things!

Summer nights at the local drive in movie theater! Nothing better than the back of the truck and a movie!

Tiger's Baseball

U of M Football (we have to make sacrifices for the ones we love.)

MSU Football (that's better :) )


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