Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Honeymoon!

Like I said in my previous post! Being a teacher and getting married in November didn't allow us the time to go away for a week together at that time. So, I took 2 days off after the wedding and we went to Traverse City for 3 days. We stayed in a resort while in the city, went wine tasting, and just enjoyed three days without having to worry about anything else!

Here is one of two pictures we actually took together in those 3 days. :)
It was a little windy and cold that November day!

Knowing we only had 3 days together right after the wedding we were bound to make in up later in the year.

Honeymoon #2
About a month and a half after our wedding we "made up" for that short honeymoon as my hubby took vacation from work for the 2 weeks that I have off for winter break from school.

We undoubtedly had the best couple weeks off from work that there are very few pictures of the experience.

Honeymoon #3
We had our last "honeymoon" the following April during spring break. We decided to go to Las Vegas for a week. We had the best time wandering around Vegas and seeing all that there was to see. I had been two years before with a friend that I taught with but even in two years so much had changed. We also rented a car for a day and drove to the Grand Canyon. This was one of the most beautiful and breath taking sights that I ever did see!

Here are a few pictures from the experience:

So, there you have it our honeymoons! I wish every married couple could have opportunities like we have been able to have.

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