Thursday, March 13, 2014

Happily Ever After

**I am still adding onto our back story to give the full picture of our life.**

After our engagement we immediately decided we needed to nail down when we would be married. We had both waited so long to find the other half we didn't want to wait. We were engaged in December so the thought of a summer wedding was nice. However my husbands church and the hall didn't have air conditioning and we couldn't bear to be uncomfortable in the summer heat, so we looked toward the fall. Eventually we decided on November 10. We would have an 11 month engagement.

 Shortly after our engagement I would make my move from the Big City to the little village. After much discussion it was decided that I would move to "our" house and my husband would "move" back in with his parents until we were married. It was very important for us to not live together before we were married. We have a very religious background and determined it wouldn't be acceptable for us. So, for 11 long months at about 9PM every evening my husband would drive back to his parents house where he would spend some time with his mother before going to bed for the evening. This ended up being a great decision for us because we could also save a lot of money for the wedding and reception. 

Throughout the wedding planning process we decided to be as frugal as possible but throw a nice affair. We knew that this day would mark the first day of us but the marriage thereafter was much more important than going into debt over a wedding. As with any couple there are non-negotiable items that you must have....for us music, good food, and a nice photographer. There were also the items that can be done without....chair covers, an expensive dress, etc. We enjoyed wedding planning very much and I didn't stress about it much at all, we just crossed off the to do list a little at a time and made good use of our time.  

The actual day of the wedding was everything I had ever hoped for and more. Surprisingly, the day didn't fly by like so many other people say happens. I thought it took as long as it should have and soaked in every moment from getting my hair done, dancing around the house to Girl on Fire, being the only one ready for pictures when I said they would start (my photographer said he never saw a bride so organized and the only one on time for the pictures), saying my vows with my husband, an awesome trolley ride with the best wedding party ever, and a fun filled evening with all of our closest family and friends. 

There is nothing that I would have changed about that day. We were blessed with a beautiful 60 degree and sunny day in November!

Due to my teaching I couldn't take a whole week off from work so on Sunday we had brunch with family and then headed up to Traverse City for just a couple of days. Getting to spend the night next to my husband and every night after has been one of the best gifts of my life and I am thankful to God for bringing him to me. 

One of my favorite Bible verses ever is Psalm 37:4: Delight in the Lord and you will be given the desires of your heart. It is my prayer for every young lady that desires to have a marriage that they are patient and wait on the Lord. I really believe in my heart if you pray for something hard enough and wait that eventually, in some way, it will be granted. 

I think about some of the recent desires of my heart and how hard it has been to wait for them to come along, and Lord willing they will. I find myself thinking that almost three years ago I didn't even think I would ever have a husband to love and to love me, but the Lord provided him. So, in my deepest desires of this day I am doing the best I can to pray for my desires and wait on God's timing. 


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