Saturday, March 15, 2014

TTC Journey

For K and I it was never a question that we would have kids someday, it was a matter of when we would have them. During our dating and engagement we imagined that we would wait about a year after we got married and then start to form our family. Those plans changed though when, just like our fast engagement, we decided to start trying sooner than that. I remember that month very clearly.

January through March 2013: Conversations about when we start start trying for a family.

March 2013: Decided that "March" would be my last month on the birth control pill and then we would go from there. We planned a trip to Vegas for spring break and I didn't want to have a surprise period while we were there.

(backstory) I had been on the pill for just over a year to control my menstrual cycle. A normal cycle for me was three weeks of bleeding and three weeks off and start all over again. My doctor decided to put me on birth control to regulate my hormones. For the first 6 weeks after starting the pill I bled uncontrollably. My blood count was so low that I should have needed a blood transfusion. Those six weeks I was extremely light headed, had fainting spells and was so weak! Finally the pills helped to straighten out the cycles and the next yearish were fine.

April 19, 2013: I never wrote the date down up it is engraved in my memory. I got my period after taking the last of the pills. We were so excited because the next month we would start actively working toward starting our family. Then, the thought was hopeful to be pregnant by the end of summer before school would start. We were confident that it would happen and we would have a baby in the spring of 2014.

The first two cycles off the pill were what most would call "normal" cycles. They were about 25 days each ending (starting) in a new menstruation. It was the third month that I started taking temperatures and reading about fertility to see if there was anything more I should be doing to help our chances. Each cycle since that third one started has been 35+ days long. I cannot tell how frustrating this is. I have taken temperatures on and off, used OPK sticks, and still nothing.

October 2013: Decided at my annual exam (should have been November) that I would bring up concerns with my OBGYN. Called to make an appointment for the yearly exam. Soonest date would be Dec. 23, this was hours that I could go without taking time off from work.

In the meantime I discussed my issues with my Chiropractor and started a new primary care physician. The new primary care ran a few tests which came up normal. Both doctors recommended waiting until I see the OBGYN and see what she says.

December 2013: OBGYN appointment: At my annual exam I brought up my concerns to my doctor. She recommended a bunch of blood work at the start of my next cycle. She also recommended testing for K. If those tests came back normal she would start me on Clomid the cycle after and hopefully that would do the trick.

January 2014: When the next period started I went in for Day 3 blood work. All of these results came up normal. We are thankful for this news and hope that it is just taking my body a long time to figure itself out after going off from birth control.

February 2014: K went to his doctor for his yearly exam. He is healthy as always, he also requested testing from his doctor. All of these tests also came out normal, we are very thankful for this as male issues are harder to take care of than women issues.

March 2014: Clomid Time. Another month, another 40 days, another period. Waiting patiently and doing our part in hopes that this could be the month!

So, there you have it. This is the quick and dirty of our story to build our family. There is a lot more to it, so many more emotions, but this serves well as a timeline.


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