Thursday, July 31, 2014


On Monday I went back to see my doctor. She would decide if the cyst went down enough to continue with fertility treatments. I knew it would be a long shot that we would get pregnant in July due to cyst, but nonetheless I still got pretty upset with the negative test on Sunday evening. Sunday night as I lay in best, mind racing, I called out to God. Don't get me wrong, we pray every single day for God to bring us a miracle. Sunday night though I was so upset, so upset that he hasn't answered our prayer in almost a year and a half. So I pleaded, I asked God to please help us, that my body would have shrunk the cyst so that we could continue with treatment.

Back to Monday. I was so nervous as I drove the 40 minutes to the fertility center. I remember walking through the hallway of the women's health center to the elevators, having to take deep breaths to make it into the elevator and to the third floor where my Fertility office is at. I quickly checked in and took my seat in the waiting room. I picked up a magazine which featured the Prince William and his beautiful boy George and talked of plans for another royal baby. Of course I thought, hmmm they should look at the cover before placing such magazines on the table in a fertility center. Within a few short moments I was called to go back for my appointment.

My doctor was pleased to see my uterus was doing well and that my cyst had went completely away. So, she gave the okay to continue with our plan. That morning I went to the pharmacy to pick up more medicine to help me out and tomorrow will be the last dose, then waiting till next week to see if it helped!

We are thinking about having an IUI- inter uterine insemination done if the news is good at the doctor next week. It would be a good time to have it done as I am still on vacation and can rest and am the least stressed of the year right now. We will pray about it and try to figure out God's plan for us.

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