Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Good News and Prayers Answered

We pray every single day for God to give us a miracle. I have prayed many times throughout the day, and nothing for almost a year and a half. Maybe not nothing, maybe wait, be patient. 

Last night was no different. We prayed as we always do and went on about our day. Last night as I laid in bed eagerly anticipating this morning's doctor appointment I again pleaded with God and told him how much we would love to be blessed with a baby to call our own and to raise in his image. I prayed specifically for 3 follicles (the sacks that hold the eggs) just the right size! I know it seems weird for being that specific but I figure maybe that is what he wants to hear. 

This morning as I drove to Grand Rapids and as I waited anxiously in the waiting room of the fertility center I was so nervous. So nervous that there would be another cyst or just nothing at all. 

As I looked at the ultrasound screen and saw a big black dot I got so excited! The nurse said it was 20mm, perfect size, and then another one that would be too small. As the other side showed on the screen I saw two more black dots, 2 more follicles. I asked for their size and she said 17mm and 16mm, just about perfect size! So we have 3. That was exactly what my prayers were for. 

I think the doctor and nurse could sense my excitement, as I was beaming from ear to ear! We then scheduled the next steps...which also come with decisions that I will have to make with my husband tonight. The whole drive home I just smiled so much! 

Perhaps this is God saying now is the time, I hope it is, I will continue for his will to be done in our lives. I will continue to pray my hardest that now would be the time for our blessing to come into our life. 


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